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Candia is the ultimate professional in her field, and her expertise has never been equaled. After every session, I felt like I was 20 years old and floating on air. Since I moved away from Jupiter Florida, I miss the beautiful ocean and palm trees, but most of all, I miss my therapy sessions with the BEST EVER IN THE BUSINESS !!! Wish I could visit once a week ............Danielle

Candia is the best Massage Therapist I have ever had ....Jim

Candia is a wonderful healer and knows so much about how the body moves. She is truly gifted in her ability to eliminate pain.

I was desperate for pain relief following an injury and had no luck after months of traditional physical therapy. Candia was able to help me feel better and get back on the tennis court after only a few sessions!     Jane

When I started going to Candia about 18 months ago, I had shoulder pain and intense muscle pain/knots between the shoulder blades. I also was experiencing tightness and discomfort in my calves, ankles and feet. I used to routinely see a chiropractor for treatment but found little relief. I have to say, Candia's therapy has been tremendously helpful in my well-being! My shoulder pain is completely gone and her techniques are working wonders for my calves, ankles and feet. I feel better today, at 45, than I did years ago. I look forward to each visit knowing that I will feel much better in the following days/weeks. I highly recommend BodyMechanix! Thank you, Candia!.......Scott

“The chiropractor didn't do it, the doctor didn't do it, but BodyMechanix specific Tecniques and alternative methods of movement freed up my stiff spine and got rid of my pain. Amazing - THANK YOU immensely....Michael

Candia is incredibly intuitive and can feel any stress areas in your body and understand how they are related to lines of tension pulling you out of normal alignment. She is incredibly talented with helping you get back to your pain free active lifestyle.....Lisa

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. BODYMECHANIX was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the great work!”....Peter

Candia & her bodywork massage techniques have done so much for my fibromyalgia condition. she analyzes one’s posture & body stress conditions & works her magic. She is amazing & has the golden touch for massage. Candia is consistently attending continuing education for increased bodywork knowledge & handiwork. I would recommend anyone to her without hesitation for pain relief & overall bodywork. I have the pain relief to prove it.....Stephanie

I have been your client/patient for over three years. Your work has made a major difference in my well being. Your massages and guidance have helped me overcome serious back problems and sometimes debilitating pain. My Scoliosis is greatly improved. I did not even think it was possible to reverse Scoliosis until we started working together. Your work on my frozen shoulder really helped me recover in a short time and without pills....Gloria

I had plantar fasciitis for 2 years and went to endless foot doctors and tried everything to help, and then One day a friend recommended I go see Candia and now I am completely pain free .... Debora

I was getting headaches every week and BodyMechanix helped me figure out where they were coming from and how to make the necessary changes and now I am headache free....Susan

My hip and low back have been hurting for so long I can't even remember. Candia put me on a course of specialized movements and worked on my body like no other massage therapist I have ever met. Now I have no pain and much more freedom of movement in my body. Your grateful client ....SallyAnn

I have been the recipient of Candia's body work for over five years. She has worked me through a pulled ham string and a wrenched shoulder. Candia understands the mechanics of the body better then anyone I have ever seen, including some doctors and PT people. She truly wants you to have a better physical body and will send you home with exercises or stretches to accomplish this. She wants you to to be a participant in your improvement. No matter what the issue she will work to make you better!.....Jeffrey

Candia brings decades of scholarship and practice to correcting your muscular idiosyncrasies. She hates the pain they cause you and insists on bringing no additional pain to their careful elimination. If there is some arcane line of study required to treat a strange problem, she has probably already studied it. Relax on her table. It WILL get better. ... Chick

Meeting Candia and having her help me through a journey towards health has been a true blessing. She has helped me to heal my back pain like no other health professional. She has taught me awareness, acceptance and given me the skills I need to move forward. (Not to mention feeling wonderful after her bodywork sessions). Thank you Candia.... Steve

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